Acne - Recent Questions and Answers

How do I get rid of acne?
AsiaAnswered by: Asia, An Expert in the Life with Acne Category

Acne is something that many of us have experienced growing up. From adolescence, through puberty, and into adulthood, acne can affect the self-esteem of most anyone. Those with acn...

How Do I Prevent Adult Acne?
EvanAnswered by: Evan, An Expert in the Acne For Adults Category

Acne has an annoying habit of sticking around long after we think it should have cleared up. Sometimes our adolescent flare-ups follow us into young adulthood and beyond. Acne is b...

What are the best skin care tips?
MatthewAnswered by: Matthew, An Expert in the Skin Care Category

Your skin is you—at least on the surface level. Your skin is the first thing people see, because more often than not, some of it is showing. So, your skin is something you should f...