How Do I Prevent Adult Acne?

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Acne has an annoying habit of sticking around long after we think it should have cleared up. Sometimes our adolescent flare-ups follow us into young adulthood and beyond. Acne is believed to have genetic precursors, meaning, if your parents had adult acne, you may be prone to adult acne. Fortunately, there are proven methods to help prevent adult acne. Some tips will seem more dramatic than others. The crucial step is to see what works for you. Preventing adult acne is about understanding your triggers and avoiding them.


It’s important to remember that our skin is a large organ and it’s always communicating to us how the rest of our bodies feel. What we eat and drink plays a role in how we feel and how our skin looks.

Healthy looking skin starts and ends with hydration. Drinking plenty of water will keep skin softer and prevent your body from producing excess oil. Oxygen rich foods like leafy greens and kale are also beneficial. Often times when we consume oily foods or processed sugars our body will expel harmful agents through the pores; and the biggest pores on the body are on the face.


This may be starting to feel like a guide to be extremely healthy. It is. But if your body is healthy and feeling good your face will demonstrate that. Exercise is a great way to prevent adult acne. When you exercise, you sweat, this flushes your pores out. The key is to follow up the exercise with a shower; otherwise, you’re letting that expelled material clog your pores.

Skincare Regime and Products

Washing your face two times a day, morning and night, is the best way to achieve clearer skin. But picking the right products can be overwhelming. Every acne product offers the same result, clear skin. When selecting a product for you, it’s important to understand your unique skin type. Is it oily? Is it excessively dry to the point that it stretches, cracks and breaks? These indicators will help you pick products that won’t further irritate your skin. A basic skincare lineup looks something like this: face wash, medicinal products, lotion. There are many more products for the skin but the three outlined below are the bread and butter of any skincare regime.

-A face wash with salicylic acid is good for daily use if it doesn’t irritate your skin too much. Exfoliating scrubs are good for deep cleansing but shouldn’t be used daily.

-The medicines that people put on their skin range from over-the-counter- benzoyl peroxide to prescription strength antibiotics. A dermatologist can help you understand what strength of medicine you need to combat adult acne. This product is put on after cleansing the skin but before you put lotion on.

-Lotions are tricky and they can be expensive. You want a lotion that isn’t leaving oily residue or soaking in too quick leaving your skin dry from treating it.

Three Things Worth Trying

1)     Change your pillowcases at least once a week. This is a big one since you spend hours at a time with your face pressed against your pillow. Oils from your head and body are great for clogging pores on your face. If your acne hot spots are on one side of your face, you may consider changing your sleeping habits

so that you sleep with all the pores on your face able to breath.

2)     Use a separate towel to dry your face after washing it. Just try it.

3)     Every single time you wash your face, finish with a cold rinse. Washing with warm water, or even being in warm conditions, opens up the pores on the face, it’s important to close them up after you’re done washing.

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