What are the most common causes of acne?

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Acne is something that a lot of people have. In fact, over sixty-million Americans alone have acne. What causes this strange occurrence? Why do so many people have acne?

Actually, acne isn’t all that strange. Most people find acne strange due to a severe misunderstanding of what acne is and where it comes from. Many people have acne due to them doing things that cause acne to grow. These things are common for a lot of people. Since it’s common to do what causes acne, it makes sense that it is also common to have acne.

So, where does acne come from? There are numerous specific causes of acne, but generally, they are all the same issues repeating over and over. Acne is caused when your skin produces too much oil, when dead skin cells build up, when pores become clogged, and when bacteria builds up on the skin.

Sometimes the oil glands produce too much oil, or start producing excessive amounts of it. The most common reason for oil glands producing too much oil is hormones. When hormones change, around the time of puberty, too much oil is very common. This is why teenagers are the majority of people who have acne. There isn’t much to be done about this. It is, however, important for someone with acne and oily skin to keep their face clean. It’s important not to use harsh scrubs and to be gentle when one is washing their face.

The second cause, dead skin cells building up, happens when the face isn’t being cleaned properly or isn’t being cleaned at all. Other factors can cause dead skin to stay trapped on the face which causes bacteria to become trapped under it. Sometimes, the dead cells irritate the skin and cause breakouts.

In teenagers and some adults, clogged pores cause acne. Blackheads and pimples grow from clogged pores, because there is no way for them to be cleaned out. The passageway becomes blocked meaning oil and bacteria are trapped under them.

Bacteria is very common in terms of what causes acne. Bacteria can be caused by a lot of things, for example, overly touching the face can cause germs from the fingers to spread to the face. Bacteria gets trapped in oil and causes breakouts. Dead skin cells also cause bacteria build up and without anyway to escape, the bacteria causes acne.

There are many factors that can cause these problems to worsen. So many, that it would, in fact, take pages to list all of them. However, the most common ones are normally the cause. One of the most common factors that worsen acne is something that no one can avoid. Genetics. If someones parents had acne, it’s likely that any offspring would also acquire the trait of acne. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s permanent. The chances are that any offspring will follow their parents. If their skin is clear now, then their child may also one day have clear skin.

Acne can also be caused by using a new product. Anything that is applied to the skin can cause a break out, especially if it’s a new product the individual hasn’t used before. Bad hygiene can worsen this or be the sole cause. Improperly removing makeup can lead to breakouts of acne. Bad hygiene doesn’t just come into play when makeup isn’t removed correctly, but also in general. It’s important to keep the face and skin clean to avoid acne.

Food or other allergies can also cause acne. If a person allergic to something comes into contact with it, a natural reaction for their skin could potentially be to have a break out. It’s important to keep a log of what’s been eaten, so that the person who breaks out will potentially know what’s causing it, and can isolate the problem.

The causes of acne vary from person to person and can be caused by anything from bacteria, to weather, to poor eating habits. Being healthy and careful is the first step to solving an acne issue.

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